Five love mobiles (camping vans) drive in a parade, from town to town, stop in squares, and form a semi-circle.

For one week, everyone is invited to support the artists in making art for the rights of sex workers. Topics such as closeness, intimacy, sexuality, sex work and self-esteem are discussed, while price tags are labelled on the love mobiles, the square and the street lamps.

In the common art-making (crowd art) all come together accidentally or purposefully and learn more about the living and working world of sex workers, engage in dialogues in order to broaden horizons, break down prejudices and get to know reality.

Together with the crowd-artist Kerstin Schulz (crowd art action Hannover 2012) we ask: can there be a „law code“ for sex work?

Participate in the CROWD ART and become a crowd artist in the nationwide art campaign „Strich / Code / Move“!


Each of the five love mobiles brings up a different aspect.

They can be visited from Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., for you to find out more about sex work.

Intimate performance

Only rights can stop the wrongs
History of sex workers’ struggles

Ask a sex worker
Sex workers answer your questions

Talking (about) sex toys
Sex toys tell stories

Sex work in Berlin
Sexclusivitäten, Hydra, SMART and others inform


  • 24.07., 3 pm, Washingtonplatz
    Presentation of the Healthy Client Working Group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gesunder Kunde)
  • 26.07., 8.30 pm, Washingtonplatz
    DASPU fashion show, the Brazilian sex workers’ fashion label from Rio de Janeiro
  • Daily from 2 pm, Aufbau Haus, Moritzplatz Exhibition of the IMAGO Camera

Sex work is part of our culture! It exists in all countries of the world, legally or illegally, disrespected or valued. It is not sex work that distinguishes cultures, but the way we deal with it.

Laws, such as the new German Prostituiertenschutzgesetz, do not mean protection, but on the contrary, lead to more control and repression. We are against discrimination and stigma in sex work. We demand self-determination instead!

The campaign Sex work is work. Respect! advocates for the rights of sex workers with performances, installations, theatre and music. Strich / Code / Move 2019 is one of the projects.

The logo of the campaign „Sex work is work. Respect!“
Flyer Strich / Code / Move 2019 Berlin - ENG Version
The English version of our flyer for the German wide art project Strich / Code / Move 2019 in Berlin for our English guests