27 Jul 2019


18:00 - 19:00



Performance – Installation

2015 – 2019
The artist believes that to connect between the network of bodies around him is necessary to inhabit the asshole. OVERFLOW search to across the borders in the dialogue between the bodies, space and the anus as effective power. It is the political stitching of relations, across the borders, it is the overflowing of the limitations imposed on the anus as a simple immoral organ that doesn’t speak. Your anus screams, and it’s urgent. OVERFLOW proposes instauration from the sharing of the intimate situation caused by the process of aesthetic and performative doing. When unrolling lines, it installs connections between the possibilities of encounter. The action reflects their affective relations through lines, which permeate the body of the artist by building a network with the around spatiality. Vinicius Davi inserts a line in his anus that goes through the space around him, returning to the anus. It forms, then, a kind of network between the space and the body of the artist.

Vinicius Davi
Vinicius Davi

Vinicius Davi, artist-researcher, live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bachelor in art history from the School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, formation in contemporary art and visual arts by School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage,  artistic and curatorial programs in Escola Sem Sítio, Art School in Royal Palace and France-Brazil House. Research on performativity, curatorial studies and aesthetic-political actions. Currently, studies the intermedia relations linked to the artistic field. Participate of Summer University in Universität der Künste Berlin on performing arts and music.

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